girl fishing on pond
image of corral and Tomichi Dome
riders on trail
riders crosing over top of Stella Mtn.

Children's activities at the Ranch

teens hanging out by the fireKids love Waunita Hot Springs Ranch. Besides having their own horse for the week, they also enjoy the freedom of the ranch and its surroundings – the time to just be kids!

We include children in our program of riding, scenic trips, hayride, fishing, arena games, cookouts, raft/float trip, campout, square dancing and music.

kid practicing ropingBecause of the safe play environment children can also find time to throw the Frisbee, romp with the dogs, pet the bunny rabbits, kick the football, chase frogs, sneak a warm cookie from the kitchen, splash in the pool, explore the hillside, gather eggs, joke with the wranglers, collect rocks, fish in Ute Lake, pitch horseshoes with Dad, and more. Waunita is a natural playground— and there are no poisonous snakes!

Although most activities are designed for family participation, some activities and rides are planned especially for kids, accompanied by our children’s counselor.

kids crossing Canyon CreekWe begin our trail riding at age 6. Younger kids will enjoy a positive horse experience. This can be as small as petting and grooming horses to being led around the ranch on horseback. You can be assured that your children will enjoy their stay at the Ranch! When it's time to head for home, you just may have to pull them off the front-porch rail!

If you have any questions about our children's activities, please give us a call or send us an email.