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Employment Opportunities at Waunita Hot Springs

Working on a dude/guest ranch is a unique job experience, one we feel you will find educational and rewarding. It is a job full of challenges that will prepare you to face the world with boldness and confidence.

Please consider the following standards and expectations carefully before applying. Feel free to email or call with any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting Waunita Hot Springs Ranch Employment page. Have a Rocky Mountain great day!

Download an application: Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format

wranglersEach staff member represents Waunita Hot Springs Ranch... and the Pringles. Therefore, we are more concerned about staff behavior than most employers would be. We attempt to live our lives and run the affairs of the ranch with the highest moral and ethical standards possible.

We are a service-oriented business. Employees unwilling to help our guests and one another should not agree to come. We seek to hire people who take pride in their work and are willing to commit themselves wholeheartedly to the job so that out guests will have "the best week of their year."

wranglers with guitars at the hayrideWe insist that if you are under 21 you abide by Colorado law for underage use of liquor that there is no use. If you are of age, we insist that you observe strict moderation. We also insist that you do not possess or use controlled drugs. Smoking and other use of tobacco is discouraged. If you do use tobacco, we require that its use be off the ranch and away from ranch activities. Abusive or foul language is unacceptable.

All employees are expected to dress as "Western" as possible, as well as maintain neat and clean personal appearance. Men are to wear neat hair styles and beards are to be neatly trimmed.

maintenance guys acting goofyEmployees are asked to begin work mid May and stay as long as possible through August. Employees are asked to work 6 days a week and about 47 hours per week. Pay is based on the job for which you are hired. Room and board are provided by the ranch and living at the ranch is a requirement of employment.

SUMMER Staff Positions
Breakfast & Lunch Cook OR Lunch & Dinner Cook
Duties: Cook specified meals, food storage after meals. Clean up duties.
Qualifications: Need to have experience in cooking. We will provide the menus. Ability to follow instructions.

Kitchen Assistant / Waitress / Housekeeping
Duties: Assist with food preparation, waitressing, meal clean up. Assists with both guest and common room housekeeping.
Qualifications: Capable of following instructions and working independently following initial training.

Dishwasher / House Maintenance
Duties: Primary dishwasher for all three meals. Mops dining room. Vacuums rooms and helps with room clean up.
Qualifications: Ability to follow instructions. No back problems.

Pool / Yard / Vehicle Maintenance
Duties: Responsible for pool clean up, yard care, vehicle cleanliness, as well as light duty vehicle maintenance. May be asked to occasionally drive on 4x4 trips.
Qualifications: Ability to follow instructions regarding use of pool and lawn equipment. Current driver's license and ability to drive standard shift vehicle. No back problems.

Duties: Responsible for horse care and preparing horses for riding. Guide trail rides. Assist with arena events. May be called on to do some instructing regarding horse care and riding.
Qualifications: Must be at least 18 years of age with several years experience caring for horses and preparing them for riding. Must be an experienced rider. Must be capable of taking responsibility for care of horses and guests on rides. Ability to instruct riding is helpful. First Aid card suggested. We may ask you to send a video of your riding ability.

Child Counselor
Duties: Responsible for organizing children during non-riding times into activities such as softball games, hikes, scavenger hunts, crafts, swimming, etc.
Qualifications: Need to have an abundance of energy, be able to schedule fun things for the kids to do, be able to work independently, must love kids.

Please ask yourself the following questions before filling out your application:

  1. Do I really want this job?
  2. Am I really qualified for the position I'm seeking?
  3. Am I prepared to stay all summer?
  4. Am I prepared to work and work hard?
  5. Am I going to be an asset to the ranch with a positive attitude, helping out wherever I can?
  6. Will both guests and staff enjoy having me around?
  7. Did I really answer their questions truthfully?

If you have answered each of these questions truthfully and you answered yes to each one, and are still interested in working for us, then please send us your complete application along with three (3) letters of recommendation. Upon receiving your application, we will review it and let you know if you are being considered for summer employment. I'm sorry we will not be able to notify those that are not being considered.

Thanks again for your desire to help us serve our summer guests, making their vacation with us "the best week of their year."

Download an application: Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format