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riders crosing over top of Stella Mtn.

Serendipities from Waunita Hot Springs

You expect certain features at a dude ranch— good horses, comfortable & clean accommodations, good food, friendly atmosphere, scenic location. These are all standard at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch.

Let us tell you about features at Waunita – some of them quite unique – which will add to the enjoyment of your Western experience here.

pool with steam rising THE HOT SPRINGS. We are blessed with an almost unlimited supply of crystal clear hot water—about 250,000 gallons a day. That means you can use all the hot water you wish and never be concerned about running out. The generous supply of hot water also means there's plenty for keeping the lodges cozy and warm. To compliment the ranch/spa atmosphere, a masseuse is available on select days.

Our 35 foot by 90 foot swimming pool feels like a warm bath—95 degrees most of the time—with the hot tub maintained above 100 degrees. The hots springs are the favorite gathering spot after the evening's activities. To complement the ranch/spa atmosphere, a masseuse is available on select days.

THE RANCH LOCATION. Our remote location means guests aren't disturbed by passing traffic (maybe a yelping coyote now and then). Usually the only creatures you encounter while riding forest trails are occasional deer and elk. Cattle can be seen grazing in the Waunita Valley. And the stars are always bright in Waunita Country!

double rainbows over the lodgeThe lodges are located at the edge of the forest overlooking Tomichi Dome and a high "mountain park." Although we are only ten miles from the Continental Divide and scenic mountains surround our valley, the ranch grounds are comparatively level. This means the front yard is a great place for an evening softball or volleyball game. And the walk to and from the corral is an easy one. If you jog, you'll find the county road in front of the ranch is suitable for early morning workouts.

THE FAMILY-TYPE OPERATION. Waunita is owned and operated by the Pringle family. At any given time during the summer you'll find family members actively involved in ranch activities. Rod may be feeding the small animals, Junelle in the office, Ryan overseeing barn activities, and Tammy and Randi in the kitchen. Kolby will be working at the corral and in maintenance and Dani will join in ranch activities with the younger set.

You get the personal attention of the owners/operators who care about you and your vacation experience. The ranch is our home and chosen lifestyle—and three generations of Pringles in residence mean we are sensitive to the needs and interests of all ages.

SMALL NUMBER OF GUESTS. We accommodate 35 to 40 guests, so you'll find it easy to get acquainted with other guests. There's almost always an assortment of ages, and a friend for everyone. Over and over we hear guests remark that it's like being part of one big happy family!

full staff shotSTAFF. Each year we strive to recruit a competent, caring staff of young people. We consider them to be an extension of our family. Guests always compliment our fine staff!

RANCH ACCOMMODATIONS. Guest accommodations are located on the 2nd floor of the historical ranch house and nearby hillside lodge. In the Ranch House you'll wake up to the smell of bacon cooking and coffee brewing. You may even choose to sneak downstairs in your robe to get that first cup! Located on the main floor you’ll find the dining hall, library and billiard room, two fire places and lots of space to sit and relax.  The new deck is a great place to enjoy dinner or an evening cup of hot chocolate.

HIGH PERCENTAGE OF RETURNING GUESTS. Last summer 84 percent of our guests were "returners," or were referred to us by previous guests. That lets you know folks enjoy vacations at Waunita Hot Springs Ranch. Returning guests are always eager to "show the ropes" to new guests.

cropped shot of a mealTHE FOOD. We normally cook Southern/Western style. Emphasis in the kitchen is on homemade, wholesome, fresh, plentiful and tasty. Where else can you get "made from scratch" muffins, biscuits, rolls, cakes, pies, pancakes, and cheesecake. There's also lots of salads, veggies, and meats. Where else (except home) can you at any time of day help yourself to the fruit bowl, hot chocolate, tea, coffee and cookies, with a guest refrigerator to “raid” for that glass of milk with your cookies.  We are glad to accommodate special diets or food allergies with prior notice.  Folks enjoy our food! 

In keeping with our family atmosphere BYOB is permitted in your room in moderation. Beer and wine only please. No alcohol is allowed in the public areas or the hot springs.

THE MUSICAL TALENT AROUND THE RANCH. Music has been an important part of our family and ranch life. The music show each week is a delightful, toe-tapping event.

kids on the hayrideCHILDREN AND THE RANCH. Kids love Waunita Hot Springs Ranch! They enjoy the freedom of the ranch and its surroundings - the time to just be kids! We include children in the entire ranch program and our kids' counselor has special activities for them at appropriate times.

There is also time to romp with the dogs, pet the bunny rabbits, kick the football, sneak a warm cookie from the kitchen, splash in the pool, explore the hillside, joke with the wranglers, collect rocks, fish in Ute Lake, pitch horseshoes with Dad, and more. Yep, kids enjoy the ranch!

OUR LONGEVITY AT THE RANCH. The Pringle family came to Waunita in 1962, and we've spent the past 50-plus years working to make the ranch program and facilities better and better.