Rooms/Lodgings at the Ranch

At Waunita Hot Springs Ranch, we provide our guest with comfortable and cozy accommodations within our lodges. Although many first time guests inquire about cabin accommodations, they soon discover that "lodge living" has several advantages.

The Main Lodge—

In the Main Lodge you'll wake up to the smell of bacon cooking and coffee brewing. You may even choose to sneak downstairs in your robe to get that first cup of coffee. It's only a short stroll to the dining room for meals or the lobby for an activity gathering. Even the convenience of retrieving a personal belonging from your room, checking on a sleeping child, or going up to "catch 40 winks" yourself is more convenient in a lodge setting.

Main Lodge rooms offer private baths and either queen, doubles or bunk beds (for kids). Most baths include tub/shower combinations, and each room provides space to unpack and store your clothes and gear for the week.

The Hillside Lodge

With its two sections of four rooms or two family units each, the Hillside Lodge is ideal for small family groups. And yet there's complete privacy. Every room - with the exception of the second room in each of the four two-roomed units - has a private bath. Most baths are tub/shower combinations.

Please contact us if you have any preferences or have any questions about our accommodations.