Swimming in the Winter at Waunita

Imagine having a heated pool and spa with room for those who want to float, those who want to swim, those who want to soak, and those who want to play. At Waunita Hot Springs Ranch, no imagination is needed because we've got the pool for you.

We offer a 35 ft wide by 90 ft long pool — one of the largest private swimming pools in all of Colorado — and it's completely fed by the natural hot springs. This means no matter the outside temperature we're able to keep it a nice and soothing 100-105 degrees. After a day of skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding or whatever your activity, you'll find the pool a popular place.

As part of the pool area, we also provide men's and women's changing areas with showers for your added convenience. While access to the pool is provided with winter reservations, the pool is available for day use, but you'll need to contact us for availability.